Kotor Bay
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Place & Home

Our passion has always been sea and mountains. In our dream home, we wanted to have both. We’ve always wanted to live in a quiet place with a beach at our doorsteps. We wanted to have a boat for our leisure or use it for a water-sky ride. Waking up, we wanted to have breakfast already waiting for us and our home magically cleaned while we enjoyed ourselves at our pool or the beach. And on a raining November day, we wanted to be able to heat up in the sauna, only to come back to our warm home, or to sit at our balcony slowly enjoying a glass of wine,looking at the breathtaking views of the sea and mountains. And when we felt like it, watch an old time classic or, if inspiration comes, go for a workout at the gym. And of-course, to have a comfortable and spacious car with the driver at our disposal whenever we would need it either to pick us up from the airport, take a skiing trip to a nearby resort, or just go on our next life’s adventure.Our goal is to build an original place where you not only live in comfort but can also have a really good time. We are aiming to set a new prime example of living in Montenegro, smart luxury living.