Kotor Bay
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To live up to our dream home, we had to create quite an infrastructure, and we think it is well worth it. After all, we are sharing it with you.


At the first glance, it might seem a bit illogical, but if you’ll spend some time in winter here, and we hope you will, you’ll defiantly appreciate it. And for ultimate experience, we are bringing a Russian sauna expert. After he will finish your treatment with a massage that goes along, we can guarantee, you will never forget this experience, having one thing on your mind: how to return for more, and more...


Staying is great shape is essential for most of us. Taking time to relax and take care of yourself is crucial. With various spa treatments we offer, you will never want to leave. And bring your loved one, treatments for couple we will make it our specialty. You will simply love it.

Swimming pool

We couldn’t even imagine leaving ourselves without a pool. It is simply a must. Go for a refreshing swim or chill at our lounge area overlooking the bay. It will be one of your favorite spots year round. For sure!


Enjoy yourself with a glass of wine, fresh-made seasonal juice, an original espresso, or a light snack, this is a great place to hang out near the pool and get to know your neighbors, of course, if you haven’t already done that.

Children’s play room.

As a father of two energetic boys, I know travelling with kids has its own challenges. Our children playroom is here to make your travel experience more fun and relaxing. And kids will love it, it is a win-win situation!

Yoga and exercise room.

Staying fit and keep your mind free is important to maintain high quality of life. We are here to help you. Use it and enjoy.

Movie theater.

It is important to follow your dreams. And one of my childhood dreams was to have my own movie theater. I build it for you to enjoy. Come down, pick a movie from a large collection, or leave your kids to have some private time for yourself.

Additional Storage.

Having a family is challenging enough. That is why we decided to provide additional storage space for our Panoramic residences. We find our extra storage space very handy, and know, you will too.


When you are this close to the sea, spending time on the beach is absolutely a must. We have prepared comfortable chairs and umbrellas at your disposal in case you want to be as close as possible to the bay.

Water sports and boating

I personally like to ski, but most of my friends prefer boarding. Some even tubing. We won’t judge any one, enjoy yourself any way you like. And if you would want to go on a boat ride around Kotor Bay or make a trip to Porto Montenegro, every time, being on a boat in the middle of the bay will be a magical experience.


Whenever you need to organize an airport pick up, make a reservation at the restaurant, or just consult on your next trip, our concierge will be at your full disposal.


In case you come by with your own car, we have enough parking spots for you not to think about it.

Hotel service and Maintenance

We can manage your apartment as a hotel room or a suite, or just offer you the services. The choice is yours.

Organic food delivery to your doorsteps

We, personally, care very much of what we eat. If you share this passion too, we will organize an organic food delivery to your doorsteps.

Common Area

We organized the common areas to add a feeling of a home garden. From fruit trees to rosemary bushes, every little detail has its purpose.


Montenegro is one of the safest countries we have been too. But now, after the children are involved, we thought we install gated access along with video surveillance, just to feel completely safe for our loved ones.