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About us

I started investing in real estate as a hobby back in New York 18 years ago, when I was attending New York University there, only to become my primary business activity few years later. In the past 10 years, I have been predominantly investing in development of residential complexes in Moscow with experience in completing projects in Europe and United States.

When we came to Montenegro with my wife, we did not want to settle in Budva and Porto Montenegro was too much for a scene for us. The lack of quality residential buildings in this country became evident fairly fast so the decision to build our own home was an obvious one.

I understood, to complete a successful project I need the best of the best this country can offer. For architecture, legal issues, and supervision I choose one of the most respected architect in Montenegro, Senka Deletic. And with over 30 year of experience, it would be hard to find more qualified person. For construction, I pick well-known builder with over 25 years of experience, Condor DOO. Behind them, are numerous residential and hotel complexes, as well as reconstruction of Tivat airport. And For financing and additional investor we picked our long-term partner, privately held Clippertone Management Inc., Represented by Fiduciaire Leman Trust, located in Geneva, Switzerland. It is our long-term partner for over 15 years. The company is specializing in investing and financing various real estate projects in Europe and USA.

Vitaly Anaykin
Owner and Developer
Savva i Serafim d.o.o

Senka Deletic
Architect and Supervision
Owner and Director
Del Projekt d.o.o

Clippertone Management Inc.
Represented by Fiduciaire Leman Trust, Switzerland
Investor and financing