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Montenegro is a spectacular place on earth. A lot of things are specialabout this country: its stunning views over the bay and the mountains, its wild beauty, national parks, its variety of organic products, its historical and cultural heritage with hundreds of churches and monasteries. Its Mountains that rise sharply from crystal-clear waters in such a way that the word 'looming' is unavoidable. As if that wasn't picturesque enough,look at the ancient walls of Kotor cling to the rocks and dipping their feet in the water like they are the ones on holiday. And in summer the whole scene is bathed in the scent of wild herbs, conifers and Mediterranean blossoms. The word 'magical' is simply impossible to avoid. It is about Montenegro that the famous poet George Byron once wrote:

When Pearls of Nature were sown, it was with a full hand that they were cast on this soil.

It is truly a hidden pearl of the Mediterranean. We fell in love with this country, and we hope you do too.